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Welcome to MySideOfTheGarage - filled with sawdust, love that lasts, second chances, and a grit and determination to create something beautiful.

You know those moments that stick in your heart and you carry with you always? Well for me, that moment happened one afternoon when my oldest son came home from school with a project he'd completed in his wood shop class. I was so proud of him - just to see him so proud of himself. In my heart though I felt a little flutter that wished I'd had that same opportunity. I voiced to my son that I wished I could create something like that and he turned to me and said "You're the hardest working person I know. You can do anything." Then he went about his business as usual. To this day, he has no idea of the gravity of that statement. I started out making him a shelving unit for his bedroom to hold his hats, trophies and little nick knacks. It did not go smoothly. But I finished it (after a tornado of sawdust and some major frustration). And he LOVED it. He looked at it like it was perfection. And to this day it hangs on his wall.

The moments from there to here weren't always easy--but I wouldn't trade them for the world because they got me here--doing something I truly love to do (besides raising my amazing kids of course). Each item I create is truly done with and in love. I take pride in this business I started and each new step has been such a blessing.

Check out my passion - you won't be disappointed.

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